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legal assistance
I need legal assistance
Get immediate access to our network of trusted personal injury lawyers in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. We’ll match you with the right lawyer to help you obtain the compensation you deserve after an accident.
medical assistance
I need medical assistance
Seeking medical attention after a car accident, work injury, or a slip and fall accident is vital to obtain the financial compensation you deserve. We’ll connect you with our team of medical professionals who treat accident injury victims.
I need transportation assistance
Even if your car isn’t in the best condition after an accident, you still need transportation assistance to get to your doctor’s appointments and meet with your injury lawyer. We will help you immediately after the accident.
Get help in 3 easy steps
Immediately after your accident, call 1-770-800-3000 to speak with a representative.
Plus, we’ll help you find medical assistance to get the recommended treatment for your injuries at no out-of-pocket cost to you.
You’ll be connected with our referral team, and we’ll help you schedule an appointment to speak with an attorney at no out-of-pocket cost to you.
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Get access to trusted personal injury lawyers in the Atlanta area.
Our trust-worthy and savvy staff will handle all the paperwork, so you focus on your recovery.
No upfront costs ever. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.
Best injury centers with seasoned doctors and medical staff ready to help diagnose and treat your injuries to help you start your recovery process.
Call 1-700-800-3000
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I see a doctor on the same day as my accident?
YES. We know time is of the essence here. So, we’ll help you get appointments with your doctor and lawyers on the same day as your accident.
How long do I have to stay in treatment?
It depends. Every case is unique, and it truly depends on the severity of your injuries. Our goal is for you to receive treatment as long as you need to recover fully.
Can you help me with my car repairs?
YES. We’ll also provide full-service transportation assistance.
What happens if I don’t win the case? Would I have to cover the expenses?
If the lawyers don’t win the case, nobody charges; thus, you don’t have to pay.
Do I have to pay for anything out-of-pocket?
We’ll make sure that you can get the medical and legal assistance you need without out-of-pocket costs. We work to ensure the insurance company covers the final cost of your case.