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Who we are

We have one mission:

Assisting our community in securing the help they need to recover after being involved in an accident. We connect you with medical professionals who can offer the right treatment to speed up your recovery process. Our exclusive network of personal injury lawyers will seek to obtain the highest compensation possible for the injuries you sustained—all without you ever spending a dime out of pocket.

We For over five years, we’ve helped thousands of people in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

How we help

After you’re in an accident,

call 1-770-800-300.

Immediately, you’ll be speaking with our qualified agents, who will walk you through everything you need to start filing a personal injury compensation claim.

We provide medical assistance by coordinating doctor’s appointments on the same day of your accident. If you’ve been involved in a car accident or you can’t drive due to your injuries, we’ll help arrange transportation services. We’ll also help find you a qualified lawyer who can provide legal assistance and handle insurance claims and other legal processes to help you receive fair compensation for your case.

All of this is done with no out-of-pocket money or fees unless we win your case.

Our process

We know how challenging and overwhelming the moments after an accident can be. We want you to focus on what matters the most—your recovery. When you call 1-770-800-3000, you can rest assured that we’ll do everything you need to speed up the recovery process.

We’ll coordinate a doctor’s appointment within 72 hours of your accident.

We’ll connect you with an experienced personal injury lawyer near you.

We’ll coordinate transportation services to help you go to and from our offices, doctors’ appointments, and even meetings with your lawyer.